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  Product Name:Environment-friendly oil drums Pen Maji
  Model:DTMP-100 Environment-friendly
  Description: oil filling production line matching, the Pen Maji for food, medicine, and chemical industries all kinds of plastic bottles, Yi Laguan, cartons, labels, plastic bags, bottles, oil drums and other materials on a code, A code flexible way, is the first mass production of a code Penma equipment.
  Product Name:Handheld Pen Maji
  Description:The cartridge-type nozzle design, with Rong Ji-free, plug jet. Directly from the computer and download the whole Chinese language interface, easy operation. With the operating Beidai easy to carry, so you go Penma.
  Product Name: Multi-nozzle system Penma
  Description: Printing can be in any absorbent material or semi-absorbent surfaces, such as for food, beverage, pharmaceutical foreign box jet printing. Jet printing to Chinese, English, numbers, production date, validity period, class, counters, bar codes, two-dimensional code, trademarks, designs and other special content, jet printing unlimited number of rows.
  Product Name:Paging machines
  Description: tabbed desktop machine, is the matching products Pen Maji, a paper can easily send one automatically.
  Product Name:Transportation Taiwan
  Description: for conveying glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal, plastic bags, cartons, boxes, labels, for Pen Maji or laser jet printing machine, spraying carved production date, batch number forgery, and other patterns.
  Product Name:DTMLF-300-page
  Description: Jiangcheng stacked for the bags automatically separate category or card, sent to a single page on the conveyor belt, for a jet printing Pen Maji production date, batch number, logo, etc..
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