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  Product Name:Solid ink round Da Maji (India-code)
  Description: The Da Maji for the Mexican wheeled Da Maji, apply to food, medicine, chemical industry of flexible packaging cartons, paper, plastic bags, aluminum foil and other materials on a code.
  Product Name:Electric Ink Da Maji (India-code)
  Description: The Da Maji for electric Dama Ji Da Maji or ink, used for food, medicine, and chemical industries all kinds of plastic bottles, Yi Laguan, cartons, labels, plastic bags, aluminum foil and other materials on a Code , A code flexible manner can also play on the surface of eggs in the code.
  Product Name:Ribbon Da Maji (India-code)
  Description: The Da Maji for ribbons Da Maji, applied to plastic film (PT, PE, PVC, OPP, KT), aluminum foil, beverage bottles trademark playing surface code; all kinds of plastic composite materials, plastic bags, paper (Stickers, cards), leather, cloth surface of a code; container packaging bags, plastic products surface of a code; electronic components a shell code.
  Product Name:Manual Da Maji (India-code)
  Description: The Da Maji to manual or hand pressure Dama Ji Da Maji, working to take special characters for the word structure, flexible packaging materials can be in any play yards. A code clear and difficult to wipe; health clean, no ink pollution distinctions, is an economic health of the print form.
  Product Name:Cartons symbol Da Maji (India-code)
  Description: The Da Maji Da Maji symbol for the word or steel embossing machine, apply to food, medicine, and so on embossing on the carton packaging production date, expiration date and the production lot numbers, and so on.
  Product Name:Da Maji supplies - Ribbon / ink / Mexican round
  Description: Supplies are Dama Ji ribbons, ink, ink thinner, Dama Ji Mexico round.
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