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Development Trend of Food Packaging Machinery
Double-click automatically scroll Writer:  update:2010-07-14

    Currently, the development of food packaging machinery is moving in high speed, multi-functional intelligent direction and control to meet the market demand.
    In order to meet delivery requirements and reduce the cost of process flow needs, the future of food packaging machinery required to carry out high-speed production. Meanwhile, a number of products, also called for packaging machinery and production machinery with convergence. Apart from the need to improve speed, it can also work with continuous or long work. In addition, to reduce the rejection rate and failure rate, so that normal productivity is increased, the trend is to further intelligent packaging machinery, or equipment, self-diagnosis and self-repair.

    Food tastes of modern consumers seeking the rich, food production tend to be more variety, small batches. Corresponding to this, pluralism, with a variety of switching functions, can adapt to a variety of packaging materials and packaging machines mold can change to meet market demand. To enable packaging machinery has good flexibility and flexibility, improve automation, to a large number of microcomputer technology, the module technology and unit combinations.

    The future, industrial robots, microelectronics, computers, intelligent and image sensor technology, also will be more widely used to promote packaging machinery automation. In this packaging machinery, computers as its brain, replacing the conventional control system. A variety of instruments, meters, sensors feel the packaging parameters change, and feedback to the brain (computer), the implementing agencies to complete the packaging operation command the necessary action.

    Currently, the majority of domestic food factory packaging, especially the more complex arrangement of packaged goods, assembly, etc. is basically manual, may cause pollution of the product being packaged. The situation in dire need to change.

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