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Vegetable Packaging Machine
Double-click automatically scroll Writer:  update:2010-07-14

    As we all know, a machine to pack vegetables, to prevent mildew, rot and avoid moisture, to better guarantee product quality of fresh degree, greatly extending the storage time of food. So today as we recommend a practical vegetable vacuum packaging machine.
Model: DTZF-260 vacuum packaging machine

Application: suitable for a variety of flexible packaging materials, such as various synthetic films such as aluminum foil. It packed solid, liquid, powder or sticky, food, fruit, seeds, aromatic materials, chemical products, electronic products, precision tools and measuring tools, precious metals and rare inert gas, can be vacuum-packed.

Properties and structural features to my company's computer-type automatic vacuum packaging machine for packaging a large water content of products, uses the Japanese control circuit, to learn foreign advanced technology with the industry's experience.
The electrical aspects of the whole control of the microcomputer controller, it has a waterproof, moisture-proof, low failure rate and long life, these advantages make the device easy to clean, even if the water does not wash any direct electrical fault.
Framework of international standards body with 304 stainless steel plate of food, high strength, unbreakable, it's unique tilt table designed to ensure the product is not in the water loss, so that the moisture content of vacuum-packed products easier to operate.

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