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Sealer application in food industry
Double-click automatically scroll Writer:  update:2010-07-14

    Sealing machine is airtight seal packaging equipment, usually in the actual work, sealing machine is not used alone, usually, and filling, filling machine together with the use of group dubbed
    A production line, packaging containers - Product filling filling - sealing machine sealing machine integrating applications on this birth. Sealing the following situations:
1 is a sealed plastic bag, such as snack foods in plastic bag sealed
2 is a sealed plastic bottles, such as wow haha, yogurt and other bottled products seal, this seal is to use aluminum foil membrane heat sealing,
3 is a screw cap, it also belongs to seal the area, such as plastic medicine bottles,
After sealing aluminum foil after the first film, but also the need for capping treatment, if the food business, mainly the choice of packaging is a plastic bag plastic bag sealing machine, matched with the corresponding product filling machinery,

    Such as filling machine, powder packing machine can meet the production requirements, pharmaceutical manufacturers can configure the tablet packing machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, plus a capping machine to complete production process. As China's rapid economic development, Bag Forming - filling - sealing machine utilization and production of the number of enterprises increased year by year, but the last few years, the private sector is rapidly increasing and gradually occupy the market, price and market competition. State-owned enterprises due to external causes of environmental change and management in a relatively difficult situation, market share gradually decreases, the output is relatively shrinking.


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