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Leading multi-functional filler "filling fashion" a new wind
Double-click automatically scroll Writer:  update:2010-07-14

    With the rapid development of China's wine, beer, wine, rice wine, liquor and other alcohol production continued to grow, my drink wine (excluding fruit wine, fermented alcohol) production has reached 2878 million liters, an increase of 8.2%. Experts pointed out that China's beverage industry is the high-growth industry, mature, stable growth in beverages, the new hot spots and emerging growth, faster growth in emerging beverage. Meanwhile, China has become the world's liquid food packaging machinery industry has a significant impact on the industry and great market share. Therefore, the multi-filling machinery market development potential.
Current food and beverage filling and packaging machinery operation in the development, design and manufacturing process widely used, the trend is rising single degree of automation to improve the entire packaging line automation control level, production capacity, can greatly improve the food and beverage Packaging equipment product quality, enhance its domestic and international competitiveness. Multifunction

    Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Jinan quick joint Dongtai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for manufacturing the same machine, can be tea, coffee beverages, soybean milk and fruit drinks and other hot drinks packaging; can be glass bottles and PET bottles packaging. Speed, high-volume packaging of carbonated beverage packaging machine speed up to 2000 cans / min, the valve packing machine packing, respectively, 165, 144, 178. Non-carbonated beverage packaging machine packing valve 50-100 head, packing speeds of up to 1500 cans / min.

    High-tech, high-performance full range of self-control level and full range of high efficiency.
Line detection devices and measuring equipment and supporting facilities complete, can automatically detect the parameters, measurement precision. Set of machines, electricity, gas, light, magnetism is one of the high-tech packaging technology products continue to emerge.

    Entire supply capability
    Such as a beverage packaging line, from the micro-computer parts, control software, packaging and sealing combinations, real productivity theory of science and technology with the combination. Supplier can provide engineering design, installation, commissioning, and finally pay user acceptance. For example: quick Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Jinan is the widespread use of simulation design technology to a variety of machine elements to form into a computer database, the drawings digitized into the computer, then the actual production of indicators and data, possible failure, etc. into the computer , then by the engineer to operate in accordance with the actual work, demonstrate the capacity, scrap, production processes match the production line bottlenecks where such views can be modified according to the user until the user satisfaction model.

    Trend toward filling machinery
    Today's filling machinery, in particular drinks, beer and food packaging machinery filling machine with high-speed, complete, high degree of automation and reliability of the good features, is currently the industry trend toward filling machinery.

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