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Development Trend of Global Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery
Double-click automatically scroll Writer:  update:2010-07-14

    High-end pharmaceutical packaging machinery in China and abroad, not very much the level of some equipment has been with the current progress of the world's latest technology to achieve the synchronization, but the overall level or advanced level and there is not a small gap.
At present, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery has been the basic category and fill gaps in basic skills, but the source of funds in R & D, test conditions, product stability, automatic control, with the international advanced level there is a gap. In automatic control technology, foreign pharmaceutical packaging machinery has been largely achieved intelligent, ergonomic design, and our pharmaceutical packaging machinery in the PLC control, interface control backward. Apart from the use of PLC control technology, must be in materials, design and all relevant links to the various options, it may achieve intelligent control. Meanwhile, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery is relatively lacking in stability, which may lead to product quality issues, and influence the entire packaging line.

    Superior stability of pharmaceutical packaging machinery for the production large variety of pharmaceutical products businesses, yes very critical of Yao Qiu, Yin Wei Dao Zhi instability of the equipment can be easily disconnected and Ying Xiang discontinued production. Affect the stability of pharmaceutical packaging machinery main factors materials, components and basic gear. First, the materials and components of low-level configuration will seriously affect the stability of the equipment, but there are some companies out of our country to consider the procurement of low-cost or low-quality materials and components. Second, the packaging machine based on the impact of transmission is also one of the factors the stability of packaging machinery. At present, China's pharmaceutical packaging equipment essential to the chain, tugs, and other basic gear put the main stalk, which will bring stability to the mechanical hazards, and foreign pharmaceutical packaging machinery has basically adopted the servo drive system. It should be said, companies select a servo motor is not a very difficult thing, but companies usually take into account the potential costs of the introduction of the pressure servo motor. Enterprises turn from the traditional way of application of servo motor drive, and then need to other agencies or the equipment is also supporting servo motor, so that with the improvement of control accuracy, the cost also increases, many pharmaceutical companies can not afford to bear.

    To sub-installed, for example, the earliest sub-installed production capacity of 40 bottles per minute, followed by 60 bottles per minute, until the development to 120 bottles per minute. Similar equipment from abroad to achieve our 60 bottles / min production speed, to reach 300 bottles / minute. Points to China's Hafei Group installed independently developed products and equipment per-minute production features such as no differences with foreign equipment, but not superior stability. If the foreign similar sub-installed equipment on 300 bottles / minute production speed of production to achieve stability, then the domestic production rate similar equipment is generally only stable at 280 bottles / min.

    Then aluminum packaging machine, for example, made of aluminum plastic packaging machine in China and abroad, greater than the gap, reflecting the work of each individual part. For example, China's production of textured aluminum packaging machine lines deep, and uneven. For another example, the feeding process at home and abroad on various types of packaging machine is a very critical and relatively weak links, but in comparison with foreign countries, China's pharmaceutical packaging machine feeding process is even more weak. China still rolling brush-type aluminum packaging machine that uses a special feeding process of special machinery. Production processes on the material terms of capsules, for example, every minute of domestic equipment production 600, 700 tablets per minute ~ 800, while the foreign aluminum packing machine feeding process can be achieved in 2000 tablets / minute production rate.

    Materials used, processing methods and institutions supporting the coordination of factors that directly affect the production of aluminum-plastic packaging machine speed and operating conditions.

    The current global pharmaceutical packaging machinery is moving more in line with the direction of GMP certification. For the pharmaceutical packaging machinery, the depth of the direction of development is faster, more stable, higher levels of automation, operating more human, more convenient, more easy to clean and so on. How do the depth along the direction of GMP certified to develop and the center of the development strategy, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry needs to conduct in-depth thinking.

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